The mission of TWO=ONE is to bring health and wholeness to individuals and create stronger marriages. Birthed from Jimmy and Irene’s heart to see individuals turn their pain into gain – TWO=ONE has various expressions to provide teachings, resources, and Christ-centered content to realign couples with one another and with God. We believe stronger individuals create stronger marriages - which results in thriving organizations, churches, and homes. We pray that you can find healing here.


Jimmy and Irene are passionate about ministry but even more so they are passionate about the marriage and family unit. These two passions have now come together as they have founded the ministry of TWO=ONE with a mission for building healthy marriages that result in healthy families that impact our communities for the better. After almost 25 years of full-time ministry as church leaders with 10 of those years as Senior Pastors leading a thriving church of over 3000 members called i5 City, Jimmy and Irene felt a shift in their ministry focus. They made the decision to transition from their role as Senior Pastors and yield to the call on their lives to help people build healthy marriages and families filled with love, laughter, and longevity.

In over 22 years of marriage, Jimmy and Irene have navigated the many difficulties in their relationship which included food and alcohol addiction, family dysfunction, and communication issues as well as many difficult and painful seasons. According to society’s standard, this would have been the inevitable equation for divorce. For the first fifteen years of marriage, Jimmy and Irene did their best to manage the many challenges of family life while simultaneously navigating the complexities and nuances of their professional and ministry life.

This balancing act came to a screeching halt in 2015 when their public professional ministry life and private family and marriage life became too much for two broken individuals to manage. It was time to get help and pursue the healing they desperately needed and longed for.

Now living their best life, Jimmy and Irene are sought after globally as dynamic public speakers, authors, and marriage coaches sharing and inspiring countless individuals and marriages with a message of hope, healing, and restoration. Their transparency is infectious, their passion is contagious, and their message is one of authenticity. As they often say, “We have been married for 22 years and it's been about the best 5 years ever!” This statement from Jimmy and Irene is a real-life testimony that no matter where you are in the season of your life, God can turn your greatest misery into your greatest ministry.

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