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Jimmy and Irene, with over 25 years of marriage experience, have identified the fractured areas hindering couples from achieving a love-filled, laughter-filled, and long-lasting marriage.

These fractures lead to:

  • Breakdowns in communication.
  • Recurring fights.
  • Unspoken and unrealistic expectations.
  • Resentment, which left unaddressed, may result in silent homes, separation, or divorce.

Through our marriage coaching, Irene and Jimmy aim to:

  • Expose common marital fractures.
  • Provide tools for repairing, recovering, and restoring desired marriages.

Journey with Jimmy & Irene

Investing in your relationship is critical to building a marriage of love, laughter, and longevity. Our promise to you is that we will add value to your marriage through digital content on a regular basis. By joining, you are taking an essential step to enriching your marriage journey.

success stories from couples who have

completed the challenge

Brandon & Octavia

Jimmy & Irene helped me and Octavia implement needed and necessary strategies of solving conflict, talking through challenges and effectively expressing our needs to each other. We are really grateful for their investment into our marriage, family, and ministry!l”

Trevor & Jen

Being able to hear Irene and Jimmy’s transparency about life and marriage makes what they say resonate so much for me and my wife. They have helped to remind us we need couples that are close with us to do life together!

Mayo & Kai

From the moment we met Pastor Jimmy & Irene, it was evident that their wisdom, experience, and genuine care for our well-being would be instrumental in shaping our marriage. Their insights and perspective helped us see challenges as opportunities for growth, and your willingness to lend a helping hand truly touched our hearts. Their genuine interest in our happiness, coupled with the ability to make us feel heard and understood, created an environment where we felt safe to be vulnerable and open with each other. Thank God for TWO EQUALS ONE! It made the Sowell’s a better ONE!

Manny & Tia

Jimmy and Irene Rollins have both been instrumental in me and Tia’s marriage. The wisdom they’ve shared has helped us navigate the complexities of transition and a season of a very fast paced ministry context. Everything from the accountability to the tools they’ve equipped us with have helped us to communicate in a way that fosters intimacy and safety. We’re about to walk into our tenth year of marriage and I can honestly say that of all the leaders who have poured into our relationship — the deposit that Pastor Jimmy and Irene have made has been unparalleled.


I have never met a couple more willing to share their trauma as well as their triumphs. Pastor Jimmy and Irene are always gonna keep it real, raw and relevant. Who they are on stage, is exactly who they are off stage. Their wisdom has made a huge impact on my marriage. They have helped us heal from the hurts of the past.

Joe & Jen

After 27 years of marriage you can get into some bad communication habits. In a matter of few days , Jimmy and Irene helped us in creating a healthy way to communicate and thrive in our marriage. Jen and I highly recommended Two = One if you want to take your marriage to the next level.

John & Annabelle

Two=One has been an absolute game-changer for my wife and me. Since we have started working with Jimmy and Irene, It feels like they have given us all of the cheat codes for communicating and understanding each other! Also, the way they lead in transparency has lifted any shame I’ve carried and brought my wife and me closer than ever. Marriage is hard... but so many of us are making it much harder than it has to be. Without Jimmy and Irene, I honestly don’t know where we’d be.

Russell & Selah

Following the path that Jimmy & Irene have walked out in their marriage has transformed our lives and saved our marriage! Their authenticity and vulnerability have shown us how to love each other in a way that allowed us to become the source of each other’s healing. Two = One has helped us create our unique marriage equation through the power of Christ Jesus.

Dont Give up!

We’ll equip you with a framework of effective communication and tools forgive the unforgettable, to ignite the passion you once had and to take your marriage from barely surviving to thriving!

Effective Communication.

Leaning into strengths & leveraging weaknesses.

Forgiving what's been difficult to forget.

Disciplines that make up the distance in your marriage.


What will people gain from joining Community?


As a member of the Two Equals One Marriage Community, Jimmy & Irene will come alongside both you and your spouse through Coaching Videos, Live Q&A Sessions, Access to a Private Community, Early Access to Events, Book Releases, Speaking Engagements, and VIP Access to Select Two Equals One Events.

Am i locked into a long term contract?


No, you can cancel anytime. In fact, we believe so much in the membership that if for any reason you are not satisfied with your membership we will give you your money back from any transactions made in the past 30 days.



The main goal of this community is that you and your spouse are equipped with the tools necessary for building a healthy, happier marriage. You will be equipped with the tools for how to build a marriage of love, laughter and longevity.



To get the most out of this community, we would encourage you to journey with your spouse together. We understand that this may be difficult for some, so if you need to engage in the community separately then we completely understand. Just let us know so we can add you and your spouse with independent access to the platform for free (if one of you is already registered). Also, if there are challenges in your relationship where you need to engage in the community alone, just know that you are not alone. We are in this with you!



Jimmy and Irene are considered marriage coaches rather than marriage counselors. They accomplish their coaching through monthly community coaching where thousands of people all around the world have benefited from their community. They can also provide referrals to some of the best marriage counselors should that be the next step needed.