Marriage is hard! Leadership also comes with many complexities and nuances that are challenging for any of us. Many couples leading in ministry together struggle to develop a community of their own and are often lonely and lack the support they need to carry the weight of the responsibilities of leadership. The impact of stress and isolation can be dangerous to the success of the marriage as well as have detrimental consequences to the
overall health of one’s family and ministry.

Marriage and Ministry Coaching Small Groups are designed for marriages in ministry of those who desire to build a healthy marriage in the context or learning and growing with other couples in ministry together. Having a safe community of couples with similar values and
lifestyles to connect, relate, and do life with is essential to having a happy, healthy marriage, while leading.

Through the TWO=ONE Marriage and Ministry Coaching Small Groups, we want to offer the following support to invest in the marriages of couples:

  • Real and transparent group marriage and ministry coaching with Jimmy and Irene through a one-hour zoom call each month for couples
  • A one-hour group relational coaching zoom call each month for wives only with Irene
  • A one-hour group relational coaching zoom call each month for husbands only with Jimmy
  • Small groups will have no more than ten couples per session where couples can enjoy community with other people in similar walks of life
  • Resource sharing
  • Individual crisis management and ministry help available with Jimmy and Irene
  • Enjoy a two-day getaway trip planned throughout the year with the goal to get away
    from the grind of day-to-day life and work for a few days to disconnect from distractions. Couples will be able to lean into a few days of relaxation, reconnecting
    with their spouse, connecting with others, and having a good time. (Cost associated with travel for getaway not included)


Marriage Intensives are designed for church staffs and those in high levels of leadership within the local church or parachurch ministry. We know firsthand about the complexities and nuances of ministry and the toll it can take on marriage and family life when not addressed in a healthy way.  Intensives are an intentional pause in ministry life to invest on the marriages of the leaders in our organizations.

Here is a brief snapshot of a Marriage Intensive with Pastors Todd and Julie Mullins and their team at Christ Fellowship Church in West Palm Beach, Florida.


The intensive can be specifically crafted to meet the goals your specific church or parachurch ministry. It is our desire to come alongside the mission of the local church to strengthen the marriages of those called to lead and shepherd others in ministry. We believe that healthy marriages will result in a healthy and effective ministry.


Regional Marriage Intensives can be hosted by a local church or parachurch ministry in a particular region. The goal of custom Regional Marriage Intensives is to bring churches and ministries within a particular geographic area to a common goal of creating healthy marriages that will essentially yield healthy ministries.  Our team will work with the host church to create an unforgettable experience creating a lasting kingdom impact that will prepare and position ministries for greater reach in their cities.

(Coming Soon)

 Marriage Getaways are exclusives by invitation only for senior leaders. This will be a time to get away from the grind of ministry and everyday life for a few days of relaxation.   We know first-hand the beauty and the challenges of leading a growing ministry together while maintaining a strong marriage. It is our desire to create space for you to make an intentional and purposeful investment in your marriage while enjoying some fun, recreation, and relaxation.  

Our time together will include golf, spa, fun excursions and a personalized experience for each of our guests. This is not a conference. There are no one-sided presentations or sessions. This is simply friends in the trenches of ministry growing together in authentic community. The only thing we ask of you is a commitment to disconnect from distractions and lean into a few days of reconnecting with your spouse, connecting with others, and having a good time.   

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